Mandy Brendemuehl
Owner, MS, ATC, CF-L2, USA Weightlifting L-1

Originally from Minnesota, Mandy discovered her passion for sports early in life, excelling in team sports with a noticeable competitive edge. High school saw her shine in volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. While pursuing basketball at South Dakota State, a knee injury shifted her path towards Athletic Training and a Masters in Health and Sports Science. Moving to Florida as a Certified Athletic Trainer at Disney and ESPN Wide World of Sports, Mandy found her calling in CrossFit. Hooked by the competition and motivated by camaraderie, CrossFit not only transformed her physically but also refined her approach to nutrition. 

Opening this CrossFit gym is a testament to her desire to help others exceed their fitness goals, emphasizing that limits are meant to be surpassed. Mandy's coaching style reflects her passion for CrossFit, aiming to inspire and guide the community towards a life of fulfillment and gratitude.

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